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Furness Controls is associated with and provides a complete sales, service and calibration facility for the Furness Controls Limited product line in the United States and Canada. This World leading product line includes production line leak detectors, flow meters, low pressure transmitters, transducers, calibrators, micromanometers, and a fundamental primary standard for ultra-low pressures.


  • Furness Controls is the industry leader in ultra low-pressure measurement. With our unique Fundamental Primary Standard (.000004 to 160 "H2O) we are able to achieve the best accuracy's at the lowest pressures in the industry.
  • The unique design of the Furness Controls manufactured transducer is what gives us the edge on resolution, accuracy, repeatability and speed in our production line leak detectors. With over 45 years experience the Furness Controls products cannot be out performed in our market.






Laminar Flow Elements, Pitot Static Tubes, Micromanometers and production line flow meters provide a full range of flow products for laboratory, industry and manufacturing.

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