Process Control differential pressure transmitters/transducers.
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Model FCO332

Model FCO53
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Differential pressure indicators.
Model FCO16/18

Electronic micromanometers for research applications
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Differntial Pressure Instruments

Transmitters / Transducers

The applications for this series of ultra low range differential pressure transmitters and transducers are in the field of process control in industrial plant. Most common would be the control of the draught pressure in a furnace, oven or dryer. Such plant uses large amounts of fuel in order to provide heat for the processing of metals, ceramics, glass, bricks or coal to coke. In order for this to be done efficiently, thus minimizing expensive fuel costs, control of the draught via the damper is desirable.  Another advantage is the control of pollution which might arise through inefficient combustion of the fuel. The FC0352/53/54 instruments are ideally suited to this application.

Other applications include the control of environments at positive or negative pressures in pharmaceutical laboratories, nuclear plants or in Petrochemical areas. The FC054 Transmitter is registered Intrinsically Safe to BASEEFA to Ex ia IIC T5 for hazardous environments. Other applications involve the measurement of airflow in stacks or ventilation systems where the range of pitot tubes becomes important. 

differential pressure transmitterThe FCO352 ultra low range differential pressure transmitter has been designed with the most demanding industrial environments in mind. Its rugged housing (IP65) allows static pressures to be measured accurately in combustion chambers and other hostile air management applications.

An industry standard, 4-20mA two wire connection simplifies installation and provides compatibility with most controllers and ancillary equipment.
The standard instrument operates in ranges from 0-.02 to 0-80 "H2O. Built-in digital indicator with programmable range and units.>25% reading accuracy.

  • Ranges from .02 to 80 " H2O
  • Input 14 to 40Vdc
  • Output voltage or current
  • Built-in programmagle digital indicator
  • Standard IP65 (similar to NEMA 4) casing

replacement for liquid manometersThe FCO332 primarily developed for monitoring the very low differential pressures between clean rooms and corridors in the pharmaceutical industry and in microelectronic manufacture. Equally suitable for a wide variety of other applications.

The FCO332 is ideal as a replacement for liquid manometers or mechanical gauges when up-grading to a data acquisition in order to meet new regulations. It is also suitable as a general purpose two-wire transmitter in the process industry, where the static pressure and weatherproof features of the FCO352 are not required.

  • Clear 'Easy Read' Display with units of your choice
  • High Sensitivity and .25% reading accuracy
  • Low Cost
  • Simple to install
  • Programmable
  • Plug in electrical connection
  • Replaces Mechanical Dial Gauges

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